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Next-Gen Data Loss Prevention


Built with today's technology

Next's non-intrusive agent combined with a cloud-native, multi-tenant platform provides organizations with speedy deployments, flexibility and immediate visibility.

Visibility, protection, and productivity

Next's Machine learning on the endpoint identifies and classifies data at the point of risk; baselining user activity and flagging anomalous behavior.

User training at the point of risk

Next enables a positive security culture by empowering employees and building a 'human firewall'. Real-time training increases productivity and reduces risk of data loss.
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90% of data leaks involve employees

Your people, users, and data are constantly changing and moving. In the hybrid work world, people create, manipulate, and share data dynamically, across multiple channels. The opportunities for data leaks are infinite and your people are the main target. Instead of blocking productivity, implement a data protection strategy that educates employees on risk. Securing your organization starts with securing your people.

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DLP that works for organizations of all sizes

Sustainable digital practices with Reveal

Unlike a traditional DLP provider, with Reveal Jönköping Energi is now able to see how employees are using their computers, and in understanding this, they can better follow how sensitive information moves throughout the company.

Reveal gives them visibility into where documents are being saved, whether it is safe or not, and if the right people have access to that information. Jönköping is also able to spot inefficiencies and better assign access to those who do and do not need access to these files.

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Playing the winning hand with next-gen data protection

After installing Reveal and working with Next DLP Analyst Services, Combination is now PCI compliant and able to conduct unbiased anonymized investigation, giving their customers comprised of online gambling sites the ease-of-mind needed for continued partnership. 

With Reveal, the IT team feels confident in its ability to keep employees from allowing important documents to leave the company. While all employees can continue a consistent, productive, and secure workflow with the lightweight Reveal solution.

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See how Next protects your employees and prevents data loss