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Removable storage security

What data might be walking out your door due to lax security controls? What workflows might be negatively impacted by overly restrictive policies? Reveal blocks unauthorized USB drives that may contain malware and prevents users from copying sensitive information to removable storage devices.

See how it works:

Block unauthorized devices

Prevent users from mounting unauthorized USB drives. Receive alerts when new devices are discovered, including CDs, DVDs, SD Cards, cameras, printers, wireless, and gaming devices.

Stop Data Loss

Real time content inspection and classification on the endpoint blocks unauthorized users from moving sensitive data such as PCI, PHI, PII, or intellectual property to USB-enabled devices while allowing transfer of files locally. 

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Educate users

Automatically provide policy reminders when users attempt prohibited actions and require acknowledgement of company policies.
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Remote worker visibility and control

Reveal protects data on and off the corporate network. When a policy is violated, Reveal displays educational and warning messages or halts suspicious activity if needed.

How Reveal solves the data protection challenge


Reduced technology friction

Our cloud platform lowers Total Cost of Ownership and enables global scaling. Our self-diagnosing and low overhead agents continuously monitor themselves to recognize when there is a performance problem, diagnose the likely cause, and provide remediation guidance.
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Real-time content inspection and classification

Reveal identifies and classifies structured and unstructured data instantly, each time a user accesses a file. The capability removes the requirement for granular policies and the resulting false positives.
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Machine learning on the endpoint

Reveal uses machine learning on the endpoint to baseline each user in a few weeks, not months. It collects data, establishes patterns, analyzes behavior, and enforces controls without needing network connections.
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