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Protect intellectual property

How well can you understand when and where your intellectual property (IP) is moving or being used? Are users exposing your IP in ChatGPT or other AI tools? What controls do you have in place to stop IP loss before it happens? Protect IP and other critical assets from insider threats and external attackers.

Prevent IP loss on endpoints

IBM’s 2021 Cost of a Data Breach Report reported that 27 percent of all data breaches include a loss of intellectual property. According to the United States Trade Representative, theft of American IP by China alone costs organizations between $225 billion and $600 billion annually.

Reveal works on the endpoint where data is in use and most at risk. It identifies and classifies IP in real time to prevent downloads to USB devices, and exfiltration via email, text messages, and browser-based uploads.

How Reveal works for ChatGPT

Real-time identification of sensitive information

Reveal content inspection identifies and classifies data instantly, every time a user accesses a file. Machine learning on the endpoint allows Reveal to make faster decisions to identify threats and stop data loss without impacting user productivity. 

Automated enhancement

Incident-based user education reduces accidental loss

Reveal automatically provides policy reminders when users attempt prohibited actions and require acknowledgement of company policies. 
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Screen capture and clipboard control

Reveal automatically clears the buffer when unauthorized users attempt to copy sensitive information, including browsers and web applications like Microsoft Teams, Slack, and Zoom. For more comprehensive investigations, screen capture of the incident can be added to the alert.

Support proper AI chatbot use

Provide guidance or take active steps to support acceptable use of the latest generative AI tools like ChatGPT. With Reveal you can document ChatGPT use including visibility into the data submitted to prevent IP from being uploaded.

Reveal is built for today’s threat environment


Real-time inspection

Content and context identification classifies sensitive information on the fly.

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Policy-free visibility

Reveal collects telemetry data on installation; providing insight into how endpoints are being used.

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Machine learning on the endpoint

Baselines user activity and uses multiple behavioral analytics algorithms to define typical vs. anomalous behavior.

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User training at the point of risk

Enable a positive security culture by empowering employees to be part of the security solution.

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Adaptive controls

Reporting, alerting, blocking and isolating all managed from an easy to use console.

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