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See Reveal in Action

Reveal is a next-gen approach to insider risk and data protection. It is not an employee or productivity monitoring tool. Reveal analyzes what and how data is being used, then it allows you to determine how best to respond.
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Dive into data protection use cases

Strengthen your defense against insider risks—malicious, careless, and accidental. Take a look at how Reveal uncovers risk, educates employees, and protects against the most common exfiltration methods. 

Chat GPT

Are employees pasting your sensitive data to unapproved personal applications or AI chatbots like ChatGPT?

Reveal extends built-in browser security and stops unauthorized browser uploads and downloads. 


What data might be walking out your door due to lax security controls?

Reveal blocks unauthorized USB drives that may contain malware and prevents users from copying sensitive information to removable storage devices.


What data is leaving your organization and ending up on unsanctioned cloud applications?

Reveal inspects content for sensitive data and blocks access to unauthorized personal and third-party file hosting services and SaaS applications through Cloud Sync, browsers, and desktop or mobile apps. 


Are your employees inadvertently sharing sensitive data over Zoom, Slack, Teams, or other collaboration tools?

Reveal protects sensitive information displayed in messaging, meeting and productivity apps.


Email is a simple exfiltration channel for sensitive information, accidental or otherwise, capable of exposing trade secrets, customer lists, financial records, and other intellectual property (IP) in a single click.

Reveal extends built-in email security with next-gen insider threat and data protection capabilities.


Are your employees printing out your sensitive data and just walking out the front door with it? Printing often gets forgotten as a data egress/theft vector.

Reveal can restrict printing of PII, PCI, and other sensitive content by user, role, and device.


Browser Security

Reveal extends built-in browser security with next-gen insider threat and data protection capabilities. Stop unauthorized browser uploads and downloads.

Dive into Security Operations Center use cases

See how Reveal empowers your security operations team to detect and respond to data exposure events.

XTND: AI Assistant

XTND AI enhances incident analysis by summarizing and contextualizing data associated with observed high risk activity for easy consumption by analysts and peers, optimizing workflows and empowering analysts of all skill levels to perform at a higher level.

Incident investigation

Combine content and context to see how data is used across your business.

Limiting a suspicious endpoint

Notice suspicious activity? Remove a machine from the network or lock it so the employee can no longer use it.