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Identify and manage risks with Next DLP Managed Services

Managed Services supplements your security team to understand the risks facing your organization at a deeper level.
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With Next DLP Managed Services you can:

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Enhance the level of visibility and understanding of findings you get from Reveal.
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Accelerate machine learning training processes to provide deeper insights faster.
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Tailor the solution to your requirements by customizing policies and reports.

Taking advantage of the skill shortage

A lack of information security professionals is an organization-wide problem.

Insiders may knowingly bypass security–or the identified lack of it. Meanwhile outsiders target organizations they suspect have lower barriers of entry.

Next DLP Managed Services

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Foundational cyber hygiene check

Uncover risks in applications, Wi-Fi network connections, data usage, USB devices, websites visited, and printer activity.

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Focus on potential insider risks

Assess indicators of insider risk based on a single event or a combination of events.

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Custom data searches

Look closer at applications, servers, web services, or users you need to inspect further based on your specific business needs. 


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Data Loss Protection

See information flow,
identify data exfiltration,
and prevent data loss.
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Proactive compliance

Ensure compliance in
real-time, and lower
your risk score.
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