Print and screen capture security

Are your employees printing out your sensitive data and just walking out the front door with it? Printing often gets forgotten as a data egress/theft vector. Reveal can restrict printing of PII, PCI, PHI, and other sensitive content by user, role, and device.

Prevent unauthorized printing of sensitive data

Reveal identifies sensitive content by regular expressions, keywords, and Microsoft Purview Information Protection labels “on use” to enforce print policies. It can prevent specific users or roles from printing data on local and network shared printers to lower risk from inadvertent or intentional data loss.

Block Use of Unauthorized Printers
Ensure that only authorized printers are used for each allowed print job to prevent the use of home printers or remote print jobs.

Automated enhancement

Prevent “Print Screen” in Browsers
Protect sensitive information displayed in web applications like O365, Google Workspace, Zoom and others by blocking copying to clipboards or printing.

Audit Printer Use
Maintain a detailed audit trail for each print job by user, content, and printer.

How Reveal solves data protection challenges


Real-time content inspection and classification

Reveal identifies and classifies data instantly, every time a user accesses a file. Machine learning on the endpoint allows Reveal to make faster decisions to train employees and stop data loss.
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On and off network visibility and control

Reveal detects and mitigates threats even when users are not on the corporate network. You can display policy and warning messages or block unauthorized printing across your remote workforce.
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Incident-based training

Reveal’s incident-based training teaches employees to make the right decisions. Pop-ups reinforce corporate security policies by requiring acknowledgment of corporate policies or block actions.
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