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Messaging and productivity application security

Are your employees inadvertently sharing sensitive data over Zoom, Slack, Teams, or other collaboration tools? Reveal identifies and protects data in messaging and productivity apps. Reveal protects sensitive information displayed in Messaging and Meeting apps.
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Detect and block sensitive information in chat messages

Real-time content inspection and classification on the endpoint detects and stops users from copying sensitive data or files into messaging and meeting apps.

Real-time identification of sensitive information

Reveal content inspection identifies and classifies data instantly as data is created and used. Machine learning on the endpoint allows Reveal to make faster decisions to identify threats and stop data loss. 

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Prevent screen capture in apps

Reveal automatically clears the buffer when unauthorized users attempt to copy sensitive information in browsers and web applications like Microsoft Teams, Slack, Zoom, and iMessage. 
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Machine learning on endpoints protects on and off the network

Reveal is designed for a Work-from-Anywhere world. It works autonomously on endpoints to protect sensitive information in desktop and browser apps, on and off the network.
Incident-based user education

Incident-based user education

Automatically provide policy reminders when users attempt prohibited actions and require acknowledgement of company policies.

Reveal is built for today’s threat environment


Protect data and user privacy

Reveal uses data minimization and pseudonymization to protect user privacy and prevent bias in monitoring activities while detecting and mitigating threats.
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Policy-free protection

By classifying data in real-time and individualizing each profile, Reveal removes the requirement for complex policies and the resulting false positives or false negatives. Individual baselines surface individual anomalies, isolating risks to each device and user.
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Turnkey compliance and policy packs

For customers who need to enforce a policy or block a specific action, Reveal enables fast, flexible policy implementation based on data, user and event context.
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