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Cloud Data Security

Your data has always been at risk. It used to be tightly controlled and protected by a perimeter, made up of company managed firewalls and networks, and company issued hardware and software. But Digital Transformation, BYOD and the pandemic changed everything, so that today the perimeter is your endpoints, both managed and unmanaged, and of course cloud applications.

The Traditional Security Umbrella No Longer Works

According to a study by Cisco, 80 percent of end users install software that is not cleared by IT and the average organization uses 1,220 cloud services. Managing data movement across these environments using legacy DLP and granular rules is not practical. The traditional security umbrella of separate products and multiple agents such as DLP, UBA, CASB and ITM, no longer works.  

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Data Security for Cloud Apps

Reveal has full visibility into user interactions with data while it resides within the cloud and also maintains protection as the data transitions away from the cloud environment. This ensures that your sensitive information remains protected, regardless of where it moves or how it is accessed. 

Watch it in action:

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See and block access to unsanctioned SaaS applications

Due to the lack of visibility and control, shadow SaaS heightens the chance of data leakage and compliance violations as employees may inadvertently leak confidential data through unapproved cloud applications.

Reveal SaaS Access Security provides full visibility into the expanse of SaaS applications utilized across an organization and also fortifies defenses against potential data breaches stemming from business data exposure via unauthorized app usage.

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Data Protection Across the Cloud, Managed and Unmanaged Devices

Reveal Beyond overcomes legacy DLP challenges by providing a unified platform for managing data security and extending insider threat visibility and data protection to Microsoft O365, Google Workspace and personal devices. 

Reveal Beyond doesn’t require endpoint agents or on-prem technology and effectively addresses DLP and insider risk use cases commonly seen with the use of cloud drives and unmanaged personal devices. Investigation and remediation processes are streamlined to reduce exposure to security risks and compliance challenges. 


Real-time content classification

Reveal identifies and classifies structured and unstructured data instantly, every time a user accesses a file. Machine learning on the endpoint allows Reveal to make faster decisions to train employees and stop data loss without affecting user productivity.

Protect sensitive data

Real-time content inspection identifies PHI, PII, PCI, and other sensitive information across SaaS applications to prevent copy/paste and screenshot data exfiltration.


Cloud Access Security Broker

The Reveal Platform serves as a powerful complement to a Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) by offering a unique set of capabilities focused on data loss prevention and the secure management of sensitive information within an organization.

While CASBs primarily provide visibility, compliance, data security, and threat protection for cloud environments, the Reveal Platform enhances this ecosystem by offering advanced data protection features, such as sensitive data discovery, real-time monitoring, and comprehensive data leakage prevention. It helps in identifying and mitigating risks associated with data exposure and loss across both cloud and on-premises environments.

This synergy ensures that organizations can maintain a robust security posture, safeguard critical data against evolving threats, and comply with regulatory requirements, thereby securing their digital transformation journey comprehensively.


Policy-free protection

By classifying data as it is used and individualizing and automatically refining each profile, Reveal removes the requirement for complex policies and the resulting false positives or false negatives. Individual baselines surface individual anomalies, isolating risks to each device and user.

What makes Reveal different


Full visibility

Our non-intrusive agent plus cloud connectors provide full visibility into user interactions with data, across both managed and unmanaged endpoints.
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Automated enforcement

Reveal’s policy engine correlates incidents and alerts and groups together detections that have the same root cause to cut triage time and prevent alert fatigue.
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Incident-based training

Reveal’s incident-based training teaches employees to make the right decisions. Pop-ups reinforce corporate security policies.
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