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Browser security

What data is being brought into or exfiltrated out of your organization? Are employees exporting your critical data from your web based applications? What are they doing with it once they have it? Are they uploading it or copying/pasting it to unapproved personal applications or AI chatbots like ChatGPT? Reveal extends built-in browser security with next-gen insider threat and data protection capabilities. Stop unauthorized browser uploads and downloads.
Browser Security

Block malicious code and content

Reveal blocks, inspects, and classifies content in real time to prevent users from downloading malicious executables and scripts, files containing sensitive or prohibited content, and files from unauthorized URLs. 

Prevent data loss

Content inspection for regular expressions, keywords, and Microsoft Purview (Formerly Microsoft Information Protection) labels identifies sensitive data “on use” and prevents browser-based uploads based on data classification or upload location.

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Support proper AI chatbot use

Provide guidance or take active steps to support acceptable use of the latest generative AI tools like ChatGPT. With Reveal you can document ChatGPT use including visibility into the data submitted to prevent sensitive information from being uploaded.
Simple reports of security violations

Policy-free protection

By classifying data as it is used and individualizing each profile, Reveal removes the requirement for complex policies and the resulting false positives or false negatives. Individual baselines surface individual anomalies, isolating risks to each device and user.

Clipboard control

Prevent data loss instances through browsers and web applications like Microsoft Teams, Slack, Zoom, and iMessage by clearing the clipboard of sensitive content.

What makes Reveal different


Protect data and user privacy

Reveal uses data minimization and pseudonymization to protect user privacy and prevent bias in monitoring activities while detecting and mitigating threats.
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Machine learning on the endpoint

Reveal uses machine learning on the endpoint to baseline each user in a few weeks, not months. It collects data, establishes patterns, analyzes behavior, and enforces controls without needing network connections.
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Incident-based training

Reveal’s incident-based training teaches employees to make the right decisions. Pop-ups reinforce corporate security policies by requiring acknowledgement of corporate policies or block actions.
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