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The Reveal Platform by Next DLP uncovers risk, educates employees and fulfills security, compliance, and regulatory needs. Unlike legacy DLP, Reveal is a flexible, cloud-native, ML powered solution built for today's threat landscape.
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What makes Reveal different?

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The Reveal platform by Next uncovers risk, educates employees, and fulfills security, compliance, and regulatory needs. 

No wonder we're turning analysts' heads at Forrester, Gartner, Radicati, GigaOm and Quadrant Knowledge Solutions.

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Real-time inspection

Real-time content level inspection identifies patterns for PII such as credit card numbers. PHI such as diagnostic codes can also be identified by content level inspection.
Contextual inspection identifies sensitive data in both structured and unstructured data without predefined policies. This can include the location of data in the case of design documents, source code, and financial reports.
Track file movement on and across systems and browsers with content inspection to protect against data loss. 

Policy-free visibility

Reveal instantly provides visibility on installation. It collects telemetry data from system, user, and network events on the endpoint, providing insights into how endpoints are being used.

Unlike legacy DLP, you don’t have to build policies to gain visibility.

For customers who need more sophisticated policies, Reveal provides out-of-the-box policies for common use cases based on data, user and event context. 


Machine learning on the endpoint

The smart agent identifies and categorizes data at the point of risk.
It begins baselining activity at deployment and uses multiple behavioral analytics algorithms to define typical vs. anomalous behavior, delivering data protection that doesn’t rely on a connection to a separate analysis engine while all personal data remains on the device.
Automated enhancement

User training at the point of risk

Next enables a positive security culture by empowering employees and building a dynamic “human firewall.”
Adaptable security measures and real-time training increase productivity and reduce the risk of data loss.  
Instant insight delivered upon install

Adaptive controls

Reveal’s adaptive controls let you decide what actions to take when warranted.

Options include logging, isolating an endpoint, or blocking actions. You can also educate with customized prompts that reinforce sanctioned data usage.

Unlike legacy DLP’s binary “block” of “allow,” with Reveal you can respond as your business demands.

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