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Secure operational technology

Reveal protects an organization’s endpoints from data loss and malicious activities. Reveal baselines and monitors endpoints and uses machine learning to identify anomalous network activity that could signal an attack.
Critical Infra

Protect internet connected assets

How are you ensuring your OT systems are protected from attacks that could cause downtime? What prevents unauthorized applications from being installed putting your business at risk? How do you reinforce accepted use on these critical devices?

Operational Technology includes a broad range of computers, programmable systems, and other devices that interact with the physical environment. These devices run our factories, transportation systems, and other critical infrastructure. When an attacker gains control of these assets, they can injure people, damage equipment, disrupt operations, and steal sensitive information.

What it's like to use Reveal:


Protect, identify and block

Protect critical systems

Real time monitoring of network and entity activity, including source/destination IP addresses, port activity, and the volume of requests to identify anomalous activity.

Identify and Block Unsanctioned Applications

Ensure that only the required and approved software is installed on OT devices. 

Detect and contain ransomware attacks

Machine learning on the endpoint identifies anomalous activity such as rapid, high volume encryption attempts and takes proactive quarantining measures such as isolating workstations to reduce the impact and spread of ransomware infections.

Educate Users

Significantly reduce your attack surface to such attacks by alerting users of suspicious links in email, use of their credentials outside of normal patterns, and USB activity.

What makes Reveal different


Reduced technology friction

Our Cloud platform is built with today’s technology to lower Total Cost of Ownership and enable global scaling. Our self-diagnosing and non-intrusive agents continuously monitor themselves to recognize when there is a performance problem, diagnose the likely cause, and provide remediation guidance.
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Context-aware protection

Reveal analyzes the applications, the data in use, and the actions to protect data and block actions that could put data at risk. Machine learning on the endpoint allows Reveal to make faster decisions to train employees and stop data loss.
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Automated enforcement

Reveal’s policy engine correlates incidents and alerts and groups together policy detections that have the same root cause to simplify triage and prevent alert fatigue.
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