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Keeping services up and running for critical infrastructure

Improve supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) security with Reveal.
Critical Infra

Current industry challenges

For critical infrastructure industries such as electricity generation, transportation, oil and gas, utilities, and telecommunications, the main concern is keeping services up and running. Any disruption could result in a loss of vital services.  For other critical industries, such as aviation and transport, a loss of service can cause productivity and revenue loss, partial loss of view for human operators, disruption to physical processes and can lead to reputational damage. 

Old operational technology (OT) equipment was primarily built to ensure availability rather than to be secure. In general, OT systems have been isolated from IT systems in the past, but as infrastructure companies move to new technologies, there are operational threats to the old systems. It can be a balancing act between changing policy, improving services, and managing the risk of making changes.

Threats often originate from IT networks and get passed on to OT systems. Security teams lack visibility of IT traffic and anomalies, which allow them to protect the OT network. Instead, OT teams need to adopt a reactive approach for detecting these threats so that these vulnerabilities can be mitigated. 

Why Next DLP

Faced with threats to OT systems that often originate from IT networks, security teams need visibility of IT traffic and anomalies. Choose Reveal to improve supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) security as the first and most critical step to gain visibility.

Full visibility into current blind spots

Full visibility into current blind spots

Continuous monitoring provides visibility into user behaviour, data access, and system use. Security operators can search on file, USB device, connection, browser, application events, and more. 
Human-centric security

Human-centric security

Individual user profiles shed light on how data is accessed and used, with optional anonymization for privacy. With user activity monitoring, you can protect your systems and data from those who already have privileged access and knowledge of sensitive data and systems.
Prevent accidental security breaches

Prevent accidental security breaches

With incident-based training, you can train your employees to make the right decisions on detection of unacceptable behavior, reinforce corporate security policies, and promote good cyber hygiene. Achieve a lasting impactful effect with adaptive IT security policy enforcement.
Advanced content inspection

Advanced content inspection

Track file movement on and across systems and browsers with advanced content inspection to protect against data loss. Patterns include credit or debit card numbers, identity card numbers, insurance numbers, social security numbers, and national health service numbers.  
Light agent with extensive capabilities

Experienced analysts dedicated to you

Identify and manage risk and vulnerabilities with the help of Next DLP Cyber Analysts. Experienced cybersecurity specialists with a strong background in security monitoring, CIRT, and incident response; our analysts can create risk assessment reports customized to your organization.

Simple reports of security violations

Simple to deploy, use, and license

A key characteristic of Reveal is simplicity. An easy to deploy lightweight agent, one full-feature license, and a groundbreaking user interface to simplify operations and lower skill requirements.

Key Benefits


Understand the risk to systems and data

  • Attribute all collected data and user activity to specific users
  • Assess how different types of user activity adds to risk
  • Understand when to implement additional security measures

Strengthen the security posture

  • Change employees’ behavior via incident-based training 
  • Prevent malicious activities from happening by alerting on suspicious behavior
  • Block activities such as uploading confidential files to personal drives

Full visibility while maintaining privacy

  • Detect and mitigate threats while maintaining the confidentiality of users with anonymization
  • Attribute data and events to individual users
  • Identify how data is accessed and used

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