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How MITRE's Insider Threat Knowledge Base and Reveal Safeguard Your Data

Chris Denbigh-White, Chief Security Officer at Next DLP, and Suneel Sundar from MITRE's Center for Threat-Informed Defense spoke together at RSA 2024. This engaging conversation unveils groundbreaking insights and practical strategies to fortify your information security programs against insider threats.
Suneel Sundar Director of R&D (1)

Key Takeaways:

1. Understanding Frameworks for Insider Threats
By leveraging structured frameworks, you can rely on proven methodologies to make informed decisions.

2. The MITRE Insider Threat Knowledge Base
It documents real-world insider activities to pinpoint and address actual threats rather than hypothetical scenarios.

3. Practical Applications of MITRE's Research
Chris highlights how the Reveal platform uses MITRE's research to effectively understand and detect abnormal behaviors.

4. Observable Human Indicators
These indicators offer an objective way to identify potential insider threats based on specific, observable behaviors and patterns.

Meet the Experts

Chris Denbigh-White
Chris Denbigh-White

As the CSO of Next DLP, Chris specializes in robust security frameworks, ensuring your data stays secure without leaving it to chance. Chris brings a wealth of experience in handling logs, frameworks, and the intricacies of security, sharing how his expertise translates into actionable insights.

Suneel Sundar
Suneel Sundar

A distinguished figure from the MITRE Corporation, Suneel runs a collaborative research program focused on insider threats. His work, particularly the Insider Threat Knowledge Base, offers an evidence-based, community-sourced repository of techniques used by insiders, enabling organizations to detect, emulate, and mitigate insider actions effectively.