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Joiners, Movers and Leavers: Keeping Sensitive Information Safe in the Real World

In this Next Fireside Chat, our experts, Tom Cope and Chris Denbigh-White take an interesting twist on insider threat: the accidental, well-meaning kind. We’re talking about employees accidentally compromising information by building their work experience, portfolios and resumes.
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Join our team for a fireside chat:

Chris has over 14 years of experience in the cyber security space including in the office of the CISO at Deutsche Bank as well as cyber intelligence for the Metropolitan Police.
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Chris Denbigh-White
Director of Customer Success

Tom manages the end to end security of the Next DLP product (from design, threat model, SDLC, release and support) alongside managing the PSIRT & Product Security teams and our ISO 27001 certification.
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Thomas Cope
Chief Security Officer

From the viability and usefulness of cyber insurance as a concept to data leakage prevention measures being added to ISO 27001.

Learn what CISOs need to be aware of for their 2023 plans.

Watch this Fireside Chat to Learn:

  • What data leaves the organization when employees over-divulge in their resumes, portfolios and cover letters
  • Ways employees can share their successes without compromising sensitive information
  • Ways companies can ensure sensitive information is secure

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