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Take Microsoft Purview to the Next Level

Microsoft Purview provides a solid foundation to grow and build a highly effective data security program. Pair Purview with Next's insider risk management and DLP platform to achieve the next-generation data protection and visibility you need.
Microsoft Purview and the Reveal Platform by Next

We were able to achieve more in 1 month of using Next than we were in 2 years of using Microsoft."

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Reveal Greater Insights on More Platforms

Microsoft Purview delivers a compliance-oriented data protection program comprising of multiple platforms, consoles, and interfaces that can solve basic DLP use cases. 

For businesses that need broader coverage, Reveal augments and expands what Microsoft can deliver.

What You Get with Purview and Reveal

Extend Coverage to Mac and Linux

macOS and Linux are just as likely to have sensitive data on them.

Reveal expands Purview's coverage to a view common to today's enterprises.

Find Gaps and Improve Policies

Deploy Reveal in policy-free mode to give you real-time visibility into all data and file activities.

Verify, refine, or replace your existing policies and controls in Microsoft from machine learning models on your endpoints.

Protect All Apps and Data Types

Reveal relies on inspection in real time for immediate coverage and protection of your sensitive data.

Cover any application and any data type: CAD, source code, design files, private key files, etc.

See Everything on One Single Pane

Improve incident response times and give your teams a better work experience.

No more bouncing between platforms to correlate risky actions and identify the most serious threats.

Improve Browser Activity Controls

Flag and correlate websites visited and data shared during periods of suspicious activity to provide more context to SOC analysts.

Distinguish between corporate and personal accounts in cloud storage apps.

Comprehensive Health Reporting

View system status, last known connection, and when devices have been offline for an extended period of time.

Audit when the most recent policy was applied to each agent to ensure proper coverage.

Leverage Local Machine Learning

Generate individual profiles of each endpoint's day-to-day activity. Report on deviations with greater accuracy. Automatically enforce policy actions in response to risky behavior.

Do it all even if the endpoint is disconnected from the network.

Automate Context Based Inspection

Reveal can rely on contextual aspects of data in motion to create an accurate view of data use and automatically educate users and enforce good data practices.

That means your security teams can focus on the most important parts of their job.