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MITRE Insider Threat Knowledge Base Phase 2

Find out more about Observable Human Indicators, Insider Threat TTPs and Mitigations, and how Next’s Reveal platform supports them

Join MITRE CTID Director of Research Suneel Sundar, and Chris Denbigh White, Next DLP CSO as they provide an overview of, and discuss the benefits of adopting and practical tips on using, the just-announced updated MITRE CTID Insider Threat Knowledge Base.
mitre insider threat knowledgebase webinar and impact report

Watch this Webinar to Learn:

  • Knowledge Base v.2.0 – It will expand the Insider Threat TTP Knowledge Base, built upon data collected on insider threat incidents and lessons learned and experienced from the ATT&CK knowledge base. The Insider Threat TTP Knowledge Base will consist of new techniques that characterize known insider threat TTPs. It will reference and refine existing ATT&CK techniques when they are applicable to insider threats. 
  • Expand the Knowledge Base to include Observable Human Indicators (OHIs) It will extend the Insider Threat TTP Knowledgebase by collecting and including observable human indicators. We will correlate observable human indicators to known, documented insider TTPs.
  • Mitigations on how to protect your customer data and intellectual property.

Learn more on MITRE Knowledge Base Phase 2 Launch

There are three aspects to the phase two:
1) Expanded set of TTPs based on a large case data set
2) Introductions of Observable Human Indicators 
3) Mitigations - which includes monitoring

For a more detailed overview of phase 2, check out the link below.

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Navigating the Paradox of Insiders

Balancing Trust and Security in Organizations Using the MITRE ATT&CK Framework + Next DLP

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