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Next Announces Latest Version of Its Cybersecurity Platform

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Next DLP published this press release under its former name, Jazz Networks.

New York, February 4, 2021 — Next, a cybersecurity intelligence company that protects against insider threats, announces the release of Version 4 of its
cybersecurity platform.

Since reaching general availability last September following its April launch, the company has been working towards redefining data loss protection through a unique blend of user behavior analytics (UBA), unsupervised machine learning, unprecedented data visibility, and real-time actions.

With this version, The Reveal Platform further seeks to shift employee behavior by giving
real-time feedback to employees who act against their company’s security policy.

Security professionals can now customize pop-up notifications explaining a policy
violation to the end-user.

By directly correlating an employee’s action to an outcome, organizations can reduce their reliance on periodic education and encourage better security habits across their workforce.

“This release allows us to take the platform from a strong visibility and UBA tool to a more holistic solution that helps organizations protect their three most important assets: their people, their data, and their reputation.

We've added pop-up notification messages which provide on-the-spot feedback for employees to help shift their behavior and improve their security hygiene. Employees must be the first line of defense for their company, which means they’re going to need continuous education.”

In addition to the platform's existing actions which include the ability to lock a machine, isolate a server or machine and push for Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), this version also allows security professionals to take screenshots of an employee's desktop if suspicious activity is suspected.

Other highlights from this release include: 

  • Mac agents
  • Orchestration and initiation of intervention workflows
  • Additional machine learning sensors, including DNS exfiltration detection
  • Detailed browsing and printer events
  • Richer application metadata
  • 3rd party integrations with Splunk and Slack to integrate into existing workflows
  • G Suite integration to capture user activity and document access in the cloud
  • Orchestration with other cybersecurity tools, including solutions that combine incident response, orchestration and automation, sometimes referred to as SOAR. 

“With industry and GDPR regulations, companies have a responsibility to have the right tools in place to protect their customer’s data from attacks. Since it’s not possible to prevent 100% of all attacks, security professionals need to be able to quickly identify and contain an issue to minimize reputational damage,”

The new features further augment the threat hunting and forensic capabilities of the platform’s Power Search. Security professionals can instantly search current and historical data to quickly investigate, respond, and regain control in the case of an attack.

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