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Next DLP Announces Reveal Beyond to Deliver Data Protection Across the Cloud, Managed and Unmanaged Devices

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Reveal Beyond overcomes legacy DLP challenges by extending insider threat visibility and data protection to Microsoft O365, Google Workspace and personal devices.  

Boston, MA, and London, April 16, 2024 – Next DLP (“Next”), a leader in insider risk and data protection, today announced Reveal Beyond, an extension of the Reveal Platform's best-in-class visibility for managed devices across Windows, macOS, and Linux to cloud drives and unmanaged devices. Developed to provide a unified data protection platform for modern cloud workspaces, Reveal Beyond marks a significant step in securing data across the entire organization, irrespective of employee location or device used. 

Reveal Beyond - Activity Feed - NH-01

Image 1. Use Case Highlight: SaaS and Data Exfiltration Detection

As the threat landscape evolves, Reveal Beyond overcomes the limitations of legacy DLP by extending data protection policies to cloud drives and unmanaged devices. This ensures that cloud-based data is accessed and shared securely from any device, including corporate, personal, and mobile phones. Using a holistic approach with Reveal, customers are provided with comprehensive data security coverage, even as networks grow and become more complex.
Reveal Beyond - Mobile Device - NH

Image 2. Use Case Highlight: Visibility for Unmanaged Devices

"Organizations are struggling to control employee access across diverse devices and SaaS apps," said John Stringer, Head of Product at Next DLP. "Now, we are providing rich visibility and control over employee interactions with business data. Through strategic API integrations with Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace, Reveal Beyond extends secure access to enterprise cloud drives across corporate and personal devices, protecting businesses from accidental data loss and deliberate data exfiltration."

Reveal Beyond - SaaS Visibility - clean - NH

Image 3. Use Case Highlight: SaaS App Visibility

Today’s announcement follows the Q1 launch of Reveal SaaS App Security, in which Next bolstered defenses against shadow SaaS by providing a unified activity feed and a single policy management dashboard, streamlining incident investigation and response processes. This ensures consistency in alerting and remediation, while seamlessly integrating with employee workflows. For instance, if an employee attempts to download a sensitive file from a corporate cloud drive to a mobile device, they receive a notification with a recommended action to correct the behavior. This workflow mirrors the experience on managed corporate devices and highlights how Reveal delivers insights into user activities across all devices and cloud applications.

Key features of Reveal Beyond include:

Unified Cloud and Endpoint Data Security Management: By providing a unified platform for managing data security across all devices and corporate cloud apps, Reveal Beyond offers coherence of identity and user intent, effectively covering DLP and insider risk use cases. 

Integrated Policy Management and Investigation: The solution's unified analyst console  streamlines investigation and remediation processes, leading to faster resolution of security incidents and reducing the organization's exposure to security risks and compliance challenges.

Mobile Micro-Training Opportunity: Reveal Beyond provides an opportunity for on-device, real-time security awareness training. Customizable notifications can be delivered through existing collaboration apps, like Slack, to ensure the employee understands and follows data protection policies at the point of risk. 

Time to Value—Cloud-Based Detections: Reveal Beyond is a cloud-based detection solution that doesn't require endpoint agents or on-prem technology. It effectively addresses DLP and Insider Risk scenarios associated with cloud drives accessed on managed and unmanaged devices.

To learn more about Reveal Beyond, please visit, or stop by booth S-227 during RSA Conference 2024, May 6-9 for a live demo. 

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