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Next DLP published this press release under its former name, Qush Security.

Cyber security platform divests from Ava Security, following its recent acquisition by Motorola Solutions

London, Apr. 7, 2022 – Ava Cyber has rebranded as Qush as it looks to become the global market leader in Data Loss Protection, a market that is projected to reach revenues of 3.5 Billion USD by 2025. Customers across the globe are leveraging the power of  Qush's software to reduce insider threats, protect their IP and their sensitive commercial, financial and personnel data.

Originally established as Ava Reveal in 2016, Qush's flagship Data Loss Protection product has received a very strong reception in the marketplace since its launch with exponential customer growth across the world, including several Fortune 500 companies.

Beyond its established position in the UK, Europe and the US, over the past 12 months Reveal has expanded into key global markets including New Zealand, UAE, South Africa, Singapore and has built partnerships worldwide.

Reveal was also featured in the Gartner Data Loss Protection market guide in 2021, winning acclaim for its strong protection across data types and environments, reducing human attack surface through real-time employee education, feedback and preventive measures as needed. Its solution is targeted at preventing the 90% of cyber security incidents involving employees - especially in the hybrid world of work where employees create, manipulate, and share data dynamically, across endless channels.

Fredrik Halvorsen, Chairman of Qush commented: “We are hugely excited to rebrand as Qush Security as we become a standalone company pursuing our significant opportunity to lead the global Data Loss Protection market. We have demonstrated our product has significant traction in every market we enter, having proven itself within the industry as being cost-effective, sophisticated, and easy to deploy - in a short amount of time.

“This means we launch Qush with a large and engaged customer base, proven revenues, and recognition from the security community. As a standalone business with a singular strategic focus, we will be able to double down on this success, helping as many organizations as possible to protect their data, business and staff in the modern digital realm.”

About Qush Security

Qush helps organizations to discover risks, educate employees, enforce policies and prevent data loss. Its flagship Data Loss Protection solution, Qush Reveal, is targeted at the 90% of cyber attacks that involve a human attack vector and haven’t been stopped by traditional security solutions. Qush is a human-centric solution that learns, adapts to, and strengthens the individual user. Whether the employee is working on the corporate network or at home, Qush can make sense of unstructured data across platforms, tools, and networks to get the whole picture of what normal behavior looks like and identify malicious actions.

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