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Updated: Apr 10, 2024   |   Fergal Glynn

43 Top Cybersecurity Product Managers

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In the rapidly evolving field of cybersecurity, the role of product managers is crucial. These highly skilled professionals are at the forefront of developing innovative solutions to protect organizations and individuals against the ever-changing landscape of cyber threats. By closely collaborating with cross-functional teams, including engineers, designers, and security experts, they ensure that the cybersecurity products they oversee are effective, efficient, and meet the specific needs of their users.

Cybersecurity product managers possess a deep understanding of the technology, trends, and challenges in the industry. They continuously stay updated on the latest threat vectors, vulnerabilities, and attack techniques, enabling them to anticipate and address potential risks effectively. Through their meticulous analysis and research, they identify gaps in the market and pinpoint areas where new products or enhancements can be developed to strengthen cybersecurity defenses.

These professionals play a pivotal role in driving innovation within their organizations. They work closely with customers, stakeholders, and industry experts to gather insights and requirements, ensuring that their products align with market demands. By leveraging their technical expertise and business acumen, cybersecurity product managers develop and communicate a clear product vision and roadmap that guides the development process.

Throughout their careers, these cybersecurity product managers have made significant contributions to the industry. They have successfully launched cutting-edge products that have revolutionized the way organizations mitigate cyber threats. By continuously refining their products based on customer feedback and industry trends, they ensure that their offerings remain at the forefront of cybersecurity innovation.

In conclusion, cybersecurity product managers are key players in the fight against cyber threats. Their expertise, strategic thinking, and ability to bridge the gap between technology and business needs make them invaluable assets to any organization. Through their dedication and relentless pursuit of excellence, they continue to shape and advance the field of cybersecurity.

On to the list!

Eric Chang, Director of product marketing, 1Password

Eric Chang - 1Password
Eric Chang

Eric is a Data-Driven Product Marketing Leader with Extensive experience in B2B, B2C, and developer marketing across the full product life cycle with a focus on leading and driving go-to-market strategy, building teams, delivering customer insights to guide product roadmaps, and developing clear positioning. Experienced operating in both large and small companies. 

Zoe Kendall, Senior Product Manager, 1Password

Zoe Kendall - 1Password
Zoe Kendall

Zoe has 8+ years experience driving vision, strategy, hands-on execution, and successful scaling of 20+ products across multiple technologies, domains, and platforms. She has Orchestrated go-to-market and product led growth strategies while investing in relationships to grow the user base from <500 to over 80 Million. 

Daniel Schiappa, Chief Product Officer, Arctic Wolf

Daniel Schiappa - Arctic Wolf
Daniel Schiappa

A seasoned technology executive with experience from startup (PictureVision, Vingage) to Fortune 500 (Microsoft, Oracle, EMC/RSA, Sophos, Arctic Wolf). Daniel has led startups, and large business units and broad technology leadership roles. In every role the focus is quality, innovation, agility and results.

Adar Bahar, Principal Product Manager, Cyera

Adar Bahar - Cyera
Adar Bahar

Adar is an experienced product management executive. Adar builds teams to deliver B2B SaaS products and is an innovative, data driven, problem solver.

Alona Blend, Product Manager, Grip Security

Alona Blend - Grip Security
Alona Blend

Alona is a creative, innovative, charismatic, and professional product manager with strategic thinking, excellent interpersonal relations, and communication skills. Alona is a fast learner with a “can do” attitude and a strong technological state of mind, experienced in translating interdisciplinary ideas into innovative products while taking part of a team and managing the development and QA teams by example and feedback and taking responsibility.

Tuval Chesler, Senior Product Manager, Next DLP

Tuval Chesler

Tuval is an experienced cyber security Product Manager and a security Consultant. He served for two years as the Senior Advisor to the CEO of the Israeli National Cyber Security Authority, where he managed all professional aspects of the office. As part of his role, he led and coordinated high priority, cross-governmental cyber security projects and worked with multiple organizations and agencies to enhance national cyber security resilience. He also collaborated in developing new products and services to the NCSA’s clientele. During his time there, the NCSA had dealt with hundreds of high impact cyber incidents and worked with numerous enterprises across the country – from the CNI to SMEs – to better their security posture.

Amol Kabe, Chief Product Officer, StrongDM

Amol Kabe - StrongDM
Amol Kabe

‎Amol is a seasoned product leader with over 18 years of experience in creating and launching cutting-edge products in the cloud computing and security domains. As the Chief Product Officer at StrongDM, Amol lead the product team in building the most comprehensive and reliable zero trust platform for any infrastructure. Amol's mission is to empower organizations to securely access any system, anywhere, anytime, without compromising on performance or user experience. Previously, Amol was the Senior Director of Product Management at Google, where he oversaw all aspects of GCP's Zero Trust and Identity and Access Management portfolio, including setting the strategy for organic and inorganic growth.

Anusha Katta, Product Manager, Palo Alto

Anusha Katta - Palo Alto
Anusha Katta

‎Anusha is a security analyst experienced in gathering user based activity data and focussing on implementing behavior based models and use cases to detect and report anomalies that would help executives take necessary business decisions.

Ryan Todd, Senior Product Manager, Expel

Ryan Todd - Expel
Ryan Todd

‎As a Senior Product Manager at Huntress, Ryan leverages his credentials as a Certified Scrum Product Owner and a Pragmatic Marketing Certified Level 1 professional to deliver innovative and customer-centric cybersecurity solutions. He has over 9 years of experience in product management, spanning various domains such as threat intelligence, cloud security, and tax compliance. Ryan has successfully planned and executed multiple product launches, using data analysis and market research to drive product strategy and roadmap.

Ashka Vakil, Sr. Director, Product Management, StrongDM

Ashka Vakil - StrongDM
Ashka Vakil

‎Ashka is a product management leader with a proven record of building and launching products. Ashka has built and shipped products from the ground up and grown them. Ashka's specialties include: Employee Experience, Mobile Management, Cloud Services, Mobile Applications, Virtual Assistant, Enterprise Social Networks, Messaging, Collaboration tools, Cloud Computing, Procurement, Enterprise software, Agile Methodologies, End User Computing, Observability, Log management, Product Management, Data Pipeline, Streaming, Identity, Security, and Privileged Access Management.

Ben Marcus, Sr. Product Mgr, Cribl

Ben Marcus - Cribl
Ben Marcus

‎Ben has over 25 years of industry experience developing IT solutions with extensive knowledge of observability, monitoring and logging. He has demonstrated experience leading technical teams, designing and implementing solutions to improve IT operations. Ben has over 10 years experience with Splunk and has worked with other tools including Grafana, Prometheus, Nagios, Cacti, Datadog, ThousandEyes, and Ganglia.

Carrie Pascale, Product Manager, Ingestion, Panther

Carrie Pascale - Panther
Carrie Pascale

‎Carrie is a product Manager and former Solutions Engineer. Carrie is passionate about helping users solve security challenges.

Chung-Man Tam, Chief Product Officer, Coalition

Chung-Man Tam - Coalition
Chung-Man Tam

‎Chung-Man's expertise includes: Product management, product planning, mobile advertising, mobile platforms, online advertising, advertising optimization, algorithmic web search, social software, social search, user interface design.

Dana Finkelstein, Product Manager, Claroty

Dana Finkelstein - Claroty
Dana Finkelstein

‎Dana is a former 8200 intelligence officer experienced with managing tasks and projects that require creative thinking and team work, as well as leading complex processes that required deep data analysis and technological understanding. Characterized by being a fast and self learner, Dana is organized and has excellent interpersonal skills.

Devon Lattrell, Senior Product Manager, CrowdStrike

Devon Lattrell - JupiterOne
Devon Lattrell

‎Devon is a collaborative team leader with a passion for cybersecurity and a propensity for building. He is highly focused on deliberate user experiences that solve direct user problems. Devon has spent the last decade in roles at Carbon Black, VMware, JupiterOne, and CrowdStrike. Now focused on product led growth through the e-commerce at CrowdStrike.

Gal Shalev, Senior Product Manager, Talon Cyber Security

Gal Shalev - Talon Cyber Security
Gal Shalev

‎Gal is a product manager with a strong cyber and intelligence orientation and solid UX/UI skills. Gal is experienced in leading cross-functional teams to plan, build, launch and manage B2G solutions. Gal has a proven ability to set a goal and lead a team to achievement.

Gilad Elyashar, Chief Product Officer, Aqua Security

Gilad Elyashar - Aqua Security
Gilad Elyashar

‎Gilad is passionate about protecting enterprises through their digital transformation and securing the cloud. He is an experienced Product Manager with over 15 years of proven leadership in guiding large PM teams. He has successfully built and launched products, teams, and processes from early incubation phases to growth and massive scale.

Hema Mohan, Senior Director of Product Management, Rubrik

Hema Mohan - Rubrik
Hema Mohan

‎Hema is an experienced product leader with over 20 years of experience in building, shipping and selling Enterprise Software. As a product leader with strong product instincts and a solid enterprise sales background, Hema has gleaned on customer feedback to make data-driven decisions and build on-prem and SaaS products that delight customers. As a product leader passionate about inclusion and growth-mindset, Hema enjoys building and scaling diverse teams.

Jason Hatchett, Senior Product Manager, Drata

Jason Hatchett - Drata
Jason Hatchett

‎Jason is a product Manager with interest in developing technologies, data analytics, automation, and communication efficiency. He is passionate about people and society achieving success, interest in large scale problems that could be fixed with better communication of information and transparency.

Jimmy Singer, Head of Product Operations, Vanta

Jimmy Singer - Vanta
Jimmy Singer

‎Jimmy is energized by leading teams and working with others to solve complex problems at the intersection of sales, product, and marketing. Jimmy's approach is agile and iterative with a focus on people, accountability, and results.

Juan Monroy, Lead Product Designer, Cerby

Juan Monroy - Cerby
Juan Monroy

‎Juan is a UX / UI | Lead product designer, entrepreneur and design strategist. With a formation in Industrial Design and a specialization in Art & Technology, Juan's main focus is innovation and development of systemic-driven creative model strategies. Juan has 7+ years of experience leading transdisciplinary teams in creative fields as industrial design, UX / UI, branding, interiorism, digital strategy, advertisement and business consultancy.

Katie Mulligan, Head of Product, Radiant Security

Katie Mulligan - Radiant Security
Katie Mulligan

Katie is a results-driven Director of Product Management with 10+ years of experience leading multi-functional product teams in B2B software. Katie has a proven track record of defining and launching successful products, driving growth initiatives, and achieving business objectives. With strong experience in product strategy, product development, and user research Katie is skilled in working closely with engineering teams to deliver valuable features and achieve timely product releases.

Krishna Vasudevan, Product Manager, Netskope

Krishna Vasudevan - Netskope
Krishna Vasudevan

‎Krishna is a high-energy and seasoned tech professional with experience in building and scaling B2B/B2C SaaS products from the ground-up to a global launch. Krishna has worked with and lead high-performing teams in a fast-paced startup/agile environment to deliver consistent product features/releases. 

Lee Klarich, Chief Product Officer, Palo Alto

Lee Klarich - Palo Alto
Lee Klarich

‎Lee started at Palo Alto Networks when there was just a small group of incredible engineers and the start of a great idea. Lee is very focused on building highly innovative products to solve important and complex problems.

Madhuri Kaniganti, Director, Product Management, Aviatrix

Madhuri Kaniganti - Aviatrix
Madhuri Kaniganti

‎Madhuri is a seasoned product leader and cloud computing expert who delivers innovative and customer-centric solutions. She currently lead the Distributed Edge Product at Aviatrix, a cloud network platform that simplifies and automates cloud networking. She has launched new products and partnerships solving the core networking problems for our customers improving both top line and customer growth.

Marcelo Oliveira, VP of Product Management, Endor Labs

Marcelo Oliveira - Endor Labs
Marcelo Oliveira

‎Marcelo blends technical and business skills to create lasting products that deliver great customer experiences and are easy to sell thanks to clear positioning, packaging and pricing. He thrives in unstructured entrepreneurial settings while driving impact across the organization beyond my direct span of control. Marcelo has shipped multiple new products and has transitioned a number of on-premise solutions to cloud-based.

Mary Zhang, Product Manager, Netskope

Mary Zhang - Netscope
Mary Zhang

‎Mary is a visual storyteller with demonstrated history of working in cloud security. She is a strong information technology professional skilled in Data Visualization and analytics with Tableau and Python.

Mirza Baig, Senior Product Manager, CrowdStrike

Mirza Baig - Crowdstrike
Mirza Baig

‎Mirza is an experienced Product Manager capable of leading designers, engineers, and analysts to define product strategy and develop, launch, and enhance products to drive the business forward.

Natalia Ivanko, Security Product Manager, Isovalent

Natalia Ivanko - Isovalent
Natalia Ivanko

‎Natalia is a security Product Lead and previous Security Engineer with a strong background in Container and Cloud Security. She is passionate about building things that matter and working with Site Reliability and Software Engineers to apply Security Best Practices. Inclined towards modern and innovative technologies like eBPF and Kubernetes, Natalia loves programming in Python, and always looking for new challenges and growth.

Nurit Bielorai, Product Manager, Aqua Security

Nurit Bielorai - Aqua Security
Nurit Bielorai

‎Nurit was born and raised in Panama and moved to Israel at a young age. Nurit has seen tech and cyber from many lenses; from one of the biggest companies, to early-stage startup and scale-up in some of the most exciting niches. Her focus is on products that drive revenue growth; executed via a mix of go-to-market strategy, getting in front of prospects and customers, and driving multi-stakeholder change internally.

Or Tzabary, Director of Product Management, Wiz

Or Tzabary - Wiz
Or Tzabary

‎Or is an experienced solutions architect with a demonstrated history of working in the market research industry. Or is skilled in building and maintaining big infrastructure organizations using Open Source products and developing tailor-made solutions.

Phil Zamfino, Sr. Product Manager, Arctic Wolf

Phil Zamfino - Arctic Wolf
Phil Zamfino

‎Phil is a successful senior director level Product Manager with the knowledge and understanding of the technical issues relevant to product development. Skilled at interfacing between all relevant stakeholders including business and technical groups, building and managing successful teams, dealing with the day-to-day details of multiple products/initiatives as well as championing customer requirements/expectations.

Pravin Rasiah, Vice President of Product Management, StrongDM

Pravin Rasiah - StrongDM
Pravin Rasiah

‎Pravin is an experienced cyber security product manager with a proven record of accomplishments that drive customer and business value. Pravin employs strong business, strategy and technology fundamentals to lead strategic planning and product vision. Pravin is an enthusiastic self starter with experience in all aspects of product management from requirements gathering, product delivery to launch.

Richard Park, VP of Product, SixMap

Richard Park - Panther
Richard Park

‎Richard is a proven product executive with established track record in scaling product organizations from one employee to dozens, and from several enterprise customers to hundreds. Richard has played key roles in initiating strategic company transformations to become market-driven with streamlined sales cycles. Richard has led various product activities at organizations from strategic planning, to concept and vision, to product definition and execution.

Roni Margolin, Head of Product Design, Orca Security

Roni Margolin - Orca Security
Roni Margolin

‎Roni is a product design lead, specializing in designing complex & deep tech B2B products, experienced with leading UX/UI processes from ideation to implementation. Roni loves creating strategies for complex projects and taking ownership in all phases of the process.

Sanjay Paithankar, Senior Technical Product Manager, Privacera

Sanjay Paithankar - Privacera
Sanjay Paithankar

‎Sanjay is a Senior Technical Product Manager at Privacera, a leading platform for data access governance and security in the cloud and on-premises. With over 22 years of industry experience, Sanjay has a strong background in product management, solution architecture, and customer engagement. Sanjay has an International Certificate in Product Management from the Institute of Product Leadership, and is certified by Pragmatic Institute and in product management foundations and best practices.

Shagun Attri, Associate Product Manager, ArmorCode

Shagun Attri - ArmorCode
Shagun Attri

‎Shagun is an Associate Product Manager at ArmorCode. He is a professional with expertise in product management, cybersecurity, planning, prioritization, and UI/UX. Shagun is currently building the ArmorCode platform to scale AppSec to the speed of DevSecOps.

Ana Garcia, Senior Product Manager, Next DLP

Ana Garcia

Ana is a cyber security and networking professional with a passion for transforming business cyber risk into resilient and defensible outcomes. Ana has designed and implemented secure solutions to defend against advanced cyberattacks, data loss and insider threats. Ana excels at technical training, threat hunting workshops and roadmap presentations to customers and partners.

Slawomir Ligier, SVP Product Development and Operations, Privacera

Slawomir Ligier - Pivacera
Slawomir Ligier

‎Slawomir is a senior Executive with expertise aligning business and technology to achieve successful outcomes for customers, employees and investors.

Taylor Bryant, Product Manager, Huntress

Taylor Bryant - Huntress
Taylor Bryant

‎Taylor is a passionate Product Manager with a unique strength in understanding people's needs and desires. Taylor's deep empathy for users guides his approach to product development. By forging strong relationships, immersing himself in users' experiences, and empathizing with their pain points, Taylor strives to create products that genuinely delight and enhance their lives.

Vamsi Koduru, Director of Product Management, Normalyze

Vamsi Koduru - Normalyze
Vamsi Koduru

‎Vamsi is a dynamic, accomplished, bilingual Product Management Executive highly regarded for originating and evangelizing highly competitive products to excel in global markets. Vamsi is an out-of-the-box thinker who champions innovation and change, overcoming challenges through data-driven strategies and creative problem-solving. Vamsi is a proven leader who exceeds all expectations in coordinating diverse teams and individuals, promoting performance development and continued collaboration.

Vineet Edupuganti, Director of product management, Abnormal Security

Vineet Edupuganti - Abnormal Security
Vineet Edupuganti

‎Vineet's expertise lies in building enterprise ML + cybersecurity products at fast growing companies.

Yaron Zeevi, Director of Product Management, Dig.Security

Yaron Zeevi - Dig.Security
Yaron Zeevi

‎Yaron is a passionate product leader with business, data science, and engineering background. Yaron has vast experience with SaaS, and B2B cyber security products. Yaron is a strategist, executor, and a people person.


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