Oct 4, 2021   |   Ran Pugach

Qush (formerly Ava) Security listed by Gartner in the 2021 DLP Market Guide

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Next DLP published this article under its former name, Ava Security.

Data breaches and insider threats are some of the hardest-to-spot cyber attacks. Given the ever-increasing pressure from privacy and regulatory standards on the one hand, and the cost of data breaches on the other, the demand for data loss prevention solutions is still considerable.

The concept of data loss prevention has evolved massively over the last decade. DLP is still a primary strategy to protect an organization’s data assets and minimize the human attack surface. However, modern data loss protection solutions need to respond to rapidly, ever changing needs. Effective DLP tools need to cover countless data types—including structured and unstructured data, data in motion, and data at rest. Additionally, DLP solutions must be increasingly pervasive to protect an organization’s data assets without leaving any blind spots—covering endpoint machines, desktops, servers, and cloud IaaS and SaaS environments. And finally, with the rise of remote working and the exploding number of productivity tools, DLP oversight must extend over endless exfiltration channels to prevent data loss. 

This year, Gartner named Ava Security as an example, for vendors that offer branded managed security services, in its Market Guide for Data Loss Prevention. [1] In our opinion this earmarks Ava Security as an established cloud-based human-centric data protection solution, recognizing Ava Reveal’s customer-centric approach.

Organizations of any size, from multinationals and large enterprises to small companies, local businesses, and “solo acts”, will handle sensitive data. So virtually every company needs a Data Loss Prevention solution. But despite sharing this fundamental need, organizations of different sizes will express different requirements, have very different perspectives, and consequently take different routes to DLP adoption.

Human-centric data loss protection for all

Small businesses and medium enterprises often lack the scale to deploy sizable investments in people, processes, and technology. Facing a dynamic threat landscape and a lack of security skills and resources, Small-Medium Businesses (SMBs) often rely on third parties like managed security service providers to take them through the data loss prevention journey. This journey goes from defining a DLP program and a data loss protection strategy to conducting a data inventory and assessment to selecting, implementing, and managing a DLP deployment. But innovative DLP vendors can come to the rescue, offering managed security services that ease this massive burden. For instance, Ava Security’s portfolio includes a distinctive managed services offering. Ava Analyst Services can help customers understand business processes and identify critical data assets. Admittedly, while leveraging cyber security knowledge and product-specific expertise, services such as foundational cyber hygiene checks and customized insider risk discovery can add great value to a Data Loss Prevention solution.

Ava Analyst services can extend Ava Reveal’s standalone product capabilities, or they can add value to a managed service provider’s deliverables. Notably, Ava Reveal’s MSSP console enables managed service providers to scale and manage different accounts, onboarding customers quickly and improving operational efficiency, service delivery, and customer service.

Large businesses opting for endpoint DLP face a different set of problems instead. They need a reliable solution that scales quickly to tens or hundreds of thousands of machines while covering different IT environments (virtual desktops, laptops, desktops, servers), different platforms, and operating systems, while also protecting workers inside and outside the office. This is where Ava Reveal’s cloud-based solution can provide the protection level needed to address the DLP problem effectively. Employees have access to millions of sensitive files on average, can work from anywhere, and are exposed to an increasing number of threats, like social engineering. Cloud-based data loss protection is a clear strategy that the modern digital enterprise can adopt to protect its information assets.

As per Gartner’s website – with reference to this year’s Market Guide for DLP – the research “offers guidance on market trends and their impact on data security strategies.” We believe that Ava Security earned a mention in the 2021 Gartner® Market Guide for Data Loss Prevention because of our innovative, unique capabilities that help businesses of all sizes define and execute a DLP strategy, manage data risk, and ultimately reduce the human attack surface.

[1] Gartner, “Market Guide for Data Loss Prevention”, Ravisha Chugh, Andrew Bales, June 28, 2021.

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