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Updated: Nov 17, 2023   |   Georgina Stockley

Celebrating Cybersecurity Industry Analysts

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In the ever-evolving data protection landscape, where the stakes are higher than ever, we pay tribute to an extensive cadre of exceptional individuals leading the charge in educating cybersecurity practitioners and vendors. These data protection analysts span a diverse array of expertise, including those affiliated with 451 Group, Cloud Security Alliance, IDC, GigaOm, Enterprise Management Associates, ESG Global, Omdia, TAG Cyber, Expert Insights, Osterman Research, Gatepoint Research, Bloor, KLAS Research, JMP Securities, Radicati, Kuppinger Cole, Frost & Sullivan, TechStrong, McKinsey, Gartner, and Forrester, are the unsung heroes, diligently educating the market on the ceaseless onslaught of cyber threats.

The Guardians of Data Protection

Troy Leach, CSO at Cloud Security Alliance

Troy Leach

As the Chief Strategy Officer at the Cloud Security Alliance, Troy Leach has played a pivotal role in creating new opportunities for cloud security awareness, education, research, programs and engagement. His expertise and leadership have significantly enhanced data protection measures in the financial sector.

Wendy Nather, Head of Advisory CISOs at Cisco

Wendy Nather 

A prominent figure in cybersecurity and privacy, Wendy Nather's contributions to information security and risk management have had a profound impact. Her thought leadership and advocacy for robust data protection practices make her a guiding force in the industry. As Head of Advisory CISOs at Cisco, Wendy guides strategy for Cisco's Security Business Group. 

Ann Cavoukian, former Information and Privacy Commissioner of Ontario

Ann Cavoukian 

Renowned as the former Information and Privacy Commissioner of Ontario and Senior Fellow at Ryerson University, Ann Cavoukian is a leading advocate for privacy by design. Her pioneering work has influenced global privacy practices, emphasizing the proactive integration of privacy measures into data processing systems.

Paula Januszkiewicz, CEO of Cqure

Paula Januszkiewicz 

A cybersecurity expert specializing in data protection, Paula Januszkiewicz is the founder and CEO of Cqure. Her focus on advanced cybersecurity training and consulting has empowered organizations to strengthen their data protection posture.

Andrew Bales, principal analyst at Gartner

Andrew Bales

Andrew is a Principal Analyst within Gartner's Secure Business and Infrastructure practice. Mr. Bales' area of research and expertise is Data Security, including topics such as DLP vendors, DLP best practices and DLP strategy. Before Gartner,  Andrew worked as a DLP Analyst and has first-hand experience developing DLP programs, DLP policy development/compliance, and DLP incident management and governance.

David Neuman, principal advisor to Global Operations leadership

David Neuman

With an extensive background spanning over three decades in security, operations, and technology leadership, David serves as the principal advisor to Global Operations leadership on security and resiliency risk, facilitating risk appetite management. 

Brent Predovich, Gartner analyst

Brent Predovich

Brent is an Analyst at Gartner, specializing in security compliance frameworks and insider risk. With a background encompassing both blue and red sides of security, he has experience as a network and security designer and as a security auditor and tester. His focus at Gartner includes identity and access management, security and risk management, and email risk management within organizations. 

Paul Furtado, VP Analyst at Gartner

Paul Furtado

Paul Furtado is a veteran in the IT industry. Before joining Gartner, he held roles such as CIO, VP of IT and CISO in the private sector. Currently, Paul serves as a Vice President, Analyst at Gartner, providing insights into cybersecurity trends, threats, prevention and governance. In his current role, he helps Gartner clients develop and enhance their cybersecurity programs worldwide. Paul is regularly called upon for his expertise in Ransomware, Insider Risk and Executive Cyber Risk Awareness.

Heidi Shey, principal analyst at Forrester

Heidi Shey

Heidi is a principal analyst at Forrester, specializing in data security and privacy strategy, policies, and technology controls for security and risk professionals. Focusing on a Zero Trust, data-centric approach, she guides clients in sensitive data discovery, classification, data loss prevention, and secure communications. Heidi's research coverage extends to cyber insurance, breach notification, consumer security, and trends in small and medium-sized business (SMB) security markets. 

Amy DeMartine - Forrester

Amy DeMartine

Amy assists security and risk professionals in evolving their software and application security practices to align with continuous delivery and improvement. She emphasizes establishing robust partnerships with application development, operations, and business teams. Amy's research at Forrester encompasses proactive security design, security testing throughout the software delivery life cycle, safeguarding applications in production environments, and addressing hardware and software flaws through effective remediation.

Paddy Harrington, senior analyst at Forrester

Paddy Harrington

Paddy, a senior analyst at Forrester guiding security and risk professionals, specializes in endpoint security across various platforms—from desktop PCs to Internet-of-Things (IoT) devices. His research delves into the implications of endpoints on the security of business applications and data, particularly considering the increasing prevalence of edge devices and the dynamic shifts in the work environment.

Joseph Blankenship, Forrester

Joseph Blankenship:

Leading the analyst team for security leadership, CISO roles, infrastructure and operations, detection and response, and Forrester's Zero Trust model, Joseph’s research focuses on insider threat prevention, security operations, and management. With decades of security experience, including leadership roles at Solutionary, McAfee, Vigilar, and IBM, Joseph has a marketing and product marketing background and diverse experience in IT, telecommunications, and consulting. Joseph has also presented at industry events, been quoted in the media, and written on various security topics.

Enza Iannopollo, principal analyst, Forrester

Enza Iannopollo

Enza is a principal analyst on the security and risk team at Forrester. Enza’s research approach fosters business growth while safeguarding customer and employee trust and brand reputation. Enza's work centers on data protection rule compliance, privacy as a competitive differentiator, ethics, and risk management. She is a regular speaker at national and international executive conferences, and her research is frequently cited in the media, including prominent publications like The Wall Street Journal and Forbes.

Jennifer Glenn, research director for IDC Security and Trust Group

Jennifer Glenn

Jennifer Glenn, the Research Director for the IDC Security and Trust Group, oversees the information and data security practice. Her core coverage includes technologies such as messaging security, sensitive data management, encryption, tokenization, rights management, key management, and certificates. In her research, she emphasizes the crucial role of data security in top enterprise initiatives like building customer trust and facilitating digital transformation. Ms. Glenn began her career as a public relations associate with Lois Paul & Partners, where she discovered her passion for cybersecurity and contributed to building the security practice.

Ralf Helkenberg, research manager with IDC

Ralf Helkenberg

Ralf Helkenberg is a research manager with IDC's European security research team, leading the European Privacy and Data Security research practice. His primary research focuses on the effects of data protection regulation, particularly GDPR, on the technology sector. Ralf provides critical insights into market dynamics, vendor activities in privacy workflow management, data security (including data discovery, DLP, and encryption), end-user trends, and the future of digital trust.

Michelle Abraham, Research Director at IDC

Michelle Abraham

Michelle is a Research Director in IDC's Security and Trust Group. She leads the Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) & Vulnerability Management practice. Her core research encompasses SIEM platforms, attack surface management, breach and attack simulation, cybersecurity asset management, and device and application vulnerability management.

Phillip Bues, Research Manager for IDC

Philip Bues

Phil Bues serves as the Research Manager for IDC Cloud Security, where he spearheads research, offers thought leadership, and provides guidance to clients on intricate issues, mainly focusing on the cybersecurity of the cloud and within the cloud. His insights delve into the benefits and challenges associated with the shared responsibility model and how this dynamic may evolve.

Craig Robinson, Research VP at IDC

Craig Robinson

Craig Robinson is Research Vice President in IDC's Security Services research practice, concentrating on managed services, consulting, and integration. His coverage spans Managed Detection and Response services, Cyber Resilience, and Incident Readiness & Response services. Leveraging his extensive practitioner experience in leading diverse IT teams across various industries, Mr. Robinson delivers unparalleled insight and analysis. His wealth of expertise enables him to offer valuable thought leadership, research, and guidance to global vendors, service providers, and clients.

Paul Stringfellow, Lead Writer, GigaOm Report

Paul Stringfellow

With over 30 years of experience in the IT industry, Paul has served as an engineer and consultant, offering guidance to organizations of all sizes and sectors on leveraging technology to address business challenges. His focus is on assisting enterprises in comprehending effective data management strategies, emphasizing protection, security, compliance, and accessibility. Paul holds the position of Chief Technology Officer (CTO) at a UK-based IT consultancy, hosts a webcast on enterprise technology, and maintains an active blog where he regularly shares insights. Paul is the lead author of GigaOm’s DLP radar report. 

Christopher Steffen

Christopher Steffen

Chris stands out as a highly experienced and high-performing professional within the information security industry. With a robust IT and security management background, he brings knowledge and skills to the Enterprise Management Associates (EMA) team. Chris’s expertise spans various domains, including zero-trust security solutions, enterprise cloud security and architecture, and proficiency in managing public, private, and hybrid cloud systems. Chris is well-versed in enterprise cloud migration and optimization complexities, showcasing his ability to navigate and enhance cloud environments to meet organizational needs. His multifaceted skill set makes him a valuable resource in the dynamic and evolving information security landscape.

Jack Poller, senior analyst at Enterprise Strategy Group

Jack Poller

Senior Analyst Jack Poller brings a wealth of knowledge with over three decades of industry experience covering a broad spectrum of systems, storage, networking, and cloud-based products and markets. Before joining Enterprise Strategy Group, Jack held leadership roles in marketing for pre-revenue and early-stage startups specializing in storage, networking, and Software as a Service (SaaS).

Justin Lam, research analyst at 451 Research

Justin Lam

Industry veteran Justin Lam has seen it all. Currently, Justin serves as a Research Analyst in the Information Security Channel at 451 Research, an S&P Global Market Intelligence division primarily focusing on data security. With a diverse background, he has held various positions within established and emerging data security vendors, encompassing technical and commercial functions. Justin holds a BS in Business from Carnegie Mellon University in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Fernando Montenegro, senior principal analyst at Omdia

Fernando Montenegro

In Toronto, Canada, Fernando holds the position of Senior Principal Analyst on Omdia’s cybersecurity research team. He concentrates on the Infrastructure Security Intelligence Service, offering vendors, service providers, and enterprise clients valuable insights and data on network security, content security, and related areas. Fernando has expertise in network security, security architecture, cloud security, endpoint security, content security, and anti-fraud. His profound interest in the economic aspects of cybersecurity is evident, and he is a frequent speaker at industry events.

Rik Turner, senior principal analyst at Omdia

Rik Turner

Rik is a senior principal analyst within Omdia's IT security and technology team, specializing in tracking cybersecurity technology trends, IT security, compliance, and call recording. Rik has been with Omdia for over 15 years and has shaped Omdia's coverage of cybersecurity with a particular focus on emerging trends, topics and technologies.

Mike Rothman

Mike Rothman

Mike is an experienced cybersecurity professional with a successful track record of establishing, growing, and managing technology organizations across various sectors, such as consulting, research, services, and software products. Mike has demonstrated a keen understanding of complex market spaces, identifying lucrative product and service opportunities and effectively positioning offerings in competitive markets. His proven record includes introducing products, adapting to market realities, and excelling in go-to-market planning, messaging architecture, communication platforms, and information security management. Whether working as part of a founding team, an individual contributor, or leading substantial teams, Rothman showcases adaptability and a commitment to making security relevant to the business.

Dr. Edward Amoroso, CEO of TAG Cyber LLC

Edward Amoroso

Dr. Ed Amoroso is the Chief Executive Officer of TAG Cyber LLC, a global research and advisory company supporting enterprise cybersecurity teams and commercial security vendors worldwide. With a distinguished career spanning thirty-one years at AT&T, he retired as Senior Vice President and Chief Security Officer in 2016. Dr. Amoroso is also a Research Professor at the Tandon School of Engineering at NYU since 2017 and an Adjunct Professor of Computer Science at the Stevens Institute of Technology. Dr. Amoroso has written six books on cybersecurity and numerous research papers and articles in peer-reviewed and major publications.

Michael Osterman, president of Osterman Research

Michael Osterman

Michael is the President of Osterman Research, a market research and consulting firm. Michael delivers research-led insights across cybersecurity, data protection, and information governance. Michael is an expert on market tracking, deep dives on current and emerging topics, and quantifying the achievement of business value. 

Sara Radicati, CEO of the Radicati Group

Sara Radicati

Sara is the CEO of the Radicati Group, which she founded in 1993. Sara is a computer scientist, entrepreneur, author, and industry analyst recognized for her pioneering contributions to unified communications, email, directory services, and security systems in their early development stages. Actively involved in shaping international standards for networking and communications, she also held positions on the board of directors for various industry associations. The Radicati Group frequently collaborates with investment funds, conducting due diligence and evaluating new opportunities in the market.

Erik Suppiger, senior research analyst at JMP Securities

Erik Suppiger

Erik Suppiger is a Senior Research Analyst at JMP Securities, bringing extensive internet infrastructure technology and services expertise. Mr. Suppiger has received accolades in various categories in prestigious industry awards such as the StarMine Analyst Awards and The Wall Street Journal's "Best on the Street" analyst survey. He holds a B.S. in business administration from Boston University School of Management.

Alan Shimel, founder, CEO and Editor-in-Chief of MediaOps

Alan Shimel

Alan Shimel, Founder and CEO of Techstrong, the company behind notable platforms like, Security Boulevard, Cloud Native Now, Techstrong AI and Techstrong TV, is a seasoned entrepreneur with nearly 30 years of experience. As the co-founder of the DevOps Institute, he is deeply involved in the realms of technology, particularly cloud, DevOps, security, and open source. An influential figure in the security and technology community, Shimel is frequently cited and sought after as a speaker at industry and government conferences. Beyond his writing, he engages audiences through his widely-followed DevOps Chat podcast, DevOps TV, and Digital Anarchist audio and videos.

Jim Boehm, Partner with McKinsey & Company

Jim Boehm

Jim is a Partner with McKinsey & Company's Risk Practice, leading the global Cyber Solutions team. Specializing in advising technology and risk executives, particularly in financial institutions and the public sector, Jim provides counsel and support to clients in the U.S., Canada, Mexico, Latin America, and Europe. His expertise centers around developing technology risk mitigation strategies and capabilities in digital and analytics transformations and spearheading large-scale cybersecurity change programs. 

Jonathan Armstrong, partner at Cordery

Jonathan Armstrong

While not a traditional analyst per se, Jonathan is a partner at Cordery; we included Jonathan on this list because he specializes in data protection, technology, and compliance. Jonathan has conducted various data breach investigations of various shapes and sizes. His dedication to educating organizations on navigating complex data protection regulations has significantly impacted the global privacy landscape.

In Conclusion

We extend our heartfelt appreciation to this extensive cadre of data protection luminaries, including analysts from Gartner and Forrester. Your dedication, innovation, and collaborative spirit have shaped the data protection landscape and fortified our defenses against evolving cyber threats. As we navigate the intricate and crucial domain of data protection, your unwavering commitment inspires us all. Thank you for being the guardians we need in the digital age of privacy.


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