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How to Stay Ahead of Cyber Threats with Dynamic Security Solutions

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  • Data protection programs should not rely on a single piece of software.
  • Patching software is essential to address vulnerabilities and prevent security breaches.
  • Challenges may arise when patches cause conflicts or disrupt business processes.
  • Next's Reveal agent is designed to be compatible with different operating systems and platforms.
  • Next's latest release allows customers to migrate to the latest software versions without losing control over egress channels.

Your data protection program does not rely on a single and static piece of software, just as your users do not rely on a single and static application to perform their tasks. IT and IS are two complex, dynamic, and interrelated elements of a business; a breakdown in either can lead to a security breach. As more and more software developers move to subscription models, end users are constantly downloading updates. Security professionals have emphasized the importance of patching software because patches frequently address vulnerabilities that attackers could exploit to breach your organization. This calls for security professionals to seek dynamic security solutions to provide flexibility and adaptability to meet evolving cyber threats.

However, challenges may arise when a patch causes conflicts or disrupts business or security processes. For instance, when a new version of an operating system or a business application like Outlook is released, if a security solution on the machine is not compatible with the changes, it can lead to system crashes or loss of functionality, sending your team into incident response mode.

What a dynamic security solution looks like:

Legacy dlp reacting to a software patch vs Next Reveal
Legacy dlp vs Reveal performance after a software patch release.

‎At Next, technology lies at the core of our business, driving us to remain vigilant in keeping up with the latest advancements outside the security vendor landscape. Our Reveal agent, designed for Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems, is a result of close collaboration with platform suppliers. We understand the diverse application landscape, including off-the-shelf and custom solutions, as well as the variety of browsers used in everyday business operations. Meeting the demands of our customers for cutting-edge security solutions across different OSs and platforms is our pride and commitment to technological excellence, ensuring we sustainably deliver the best security services in the industry amidst the rapid pace of platform innovation.

Our latest release exemplifies this commitment and its benefits for our customers. With Microsoft introducing significant changes to Outlook - replacing the built-in Mail app in Windows 10 and 11, and the Outlook desktop app with a new app called New Outlook - ignoring this release would result in an instant loss of control over the Email egress channel. However, with Next and our latest release, our customers can migrate to the latest version of Outlook whenever they choose to. By implementing dynamic security solutions like Reveal, our customers can confidently upgrade their software, knowing that their sensitive data will be protected.

How Next stays ahead of software updates so you're always protected

Our engineering team obtains versions of the software or its core components from ISVs like Apple, Microsoft, and Google. These pieces allow us to test and fine-tune our software for compatibility, stability, and functionality. It's how we've supported Chrome Manifest V3 early on and how we're already testing the upcoming macOS 14 Sonoma's different betas ahead of its release later this year. When the final release day arrives, our customers can confidently upgrade their software, knowing Reveal will continue delivering the required functionality to protect sensitive data.

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