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A window into a user’s browsing activity

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Reveal is one of the first cyber solutions to monitor Edge browser events. With the imminent release scheduled for January 15th, 2020, we wanted to be able to support it from day one. And we can.

A web browser is the application employees use most often. With enterprise activity moving online, it is imperative to monitor employees’ web activity to understand their behavior. To provide our customers with visibility into their blindspots, we cover browser activity.

We started by developing a browser extension for Google Chrome, being the most common browser by far, with a market share of 68%. The browser extension is seamlessly installed by the Ava Agent when Chrome runs for the first time, minimizing administrative overhead. It allows Next DLP operators to see browser events when users visit URLs and upload and download files.

Reveal now has the Edge

The Reveal Browser Extension has been enhanced to support Firefox, Brave, Vivaldi, and, most recently, Microsoft Edge. Thankfully the new Microsoft Edge, now based on the open-source Chromium project, includes an Internet Explorer mode, “providing a seamless experience across internal sites and LOB apps with legacy dependencies”. The decision to switch to Chromium allows Edge to create better web compatibility for Microsoft’s customers and a less fragmented web for all web developers.

Reveal Browser Extension features

The Reveal Browser Extension offers a range of capabilities in addition to providing visibility of browser events. When combined with policies, operators can detect when a user:

  • visits a blacklisted site

  • downloads a file from a blacklisted domain

  • visits an insecure HTTP site

  • searches the web for blacklisted keywords

  • attempts to upload a file from a browser to a non-whitelisted domain, which can be blocked by the platform, and

  • performs clipboard operations.


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