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Updated: Jan 17, 2024   |   Lauren Koppelman

Proactive Cybersecurity

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In the latest episode of the "CyberBites" podcast, host Joseph Cooper delves into the shift from reactive ransomware detection to proactive prevention. This compelling conversation features Chris Denbigh-White, the Chief Security Officer at Next DLP, a frontrunner in insider risk and data protection solutions. Chris's unique background and profound insights into cybersecurity make this episode a must-listen for anyone interested in the field. Watch the conversation below, or read on for a recap of the conversation.

1. The Unconventional Path to Cybersecurity:

Chris Denbigh-White's journey into the cybersecurity world is anything but typical. Starting his career in a counterterrorism intelligence function with the Met Police, Chris developed a deep understanding of security from a law enforcement perspective. He shares, "I've always been a massive geek... and it was through working in intelligence, in the police that they found themselves in need of an IT person." This unique blend of policing and IT expertise paved the way for his transition into roles at Transport for London, Deutsche Bank, and ultimately Next DLP.

2. Bridging the Gap Between Law Enforcement and Corporate:

Transitioning from law enforcement to the corporate world comes with its own set of challenges, as Chris explains. "It's really difficult... moving from a largely disciplined service like the police... into a corporate environment." He discusses the cultural shift and the need for those in law enforcement to recognize the valuable skills they bring to the corporate sector, particularly in cybersecurity leadership.

3. Evolution of Ransomware: A Growing Threat:

Chris provides a detailed overview of how ransomware has evolved from simple encryption attacks to more sophisticated multi-pronged threats. "Ransomware originally... encrypted data making it inaccessible... Now, it's evolved to... encrypting, stealing, and even reporting to authorities." This insight is crucial for understanding the complexity and severity of current cybersecurity threats.

4. Next DLP’s Innovative Approach to Cybersecurity:

At Next DLP, Chris and his team are at the forefront of combating insider threats and data loss. He elaborates on their approach: "What Next is doing is... building a visibility platform and a control platform... empowering [users] to make good decisions in relation to data." This strategy is not just about defense but also about enabling users to be part of the solution.

5. The Persistent Challenge of Ransomware:

Despite advances in technology, Chris believes that ransomware will continue to be a significant threat. He highlights the importance of basic cybersecurity practices, which are often overlooked: "I think ransomware will continue... companies will consistently not [get the basics right] for varying reasons."

6. Key Advice for Cybersecurity Practitioners:

Chris emphasizes the importance of fundamental security practices. "Do the basics... patch hygiene, understanding infrastructure... and configuring things in a secure way." This advice is vital for organizations looking to strengthen their cybersecurity posture.


Chris Denbigh-White's insights provide a valuable perspective on the current state and future of cybersecurity. His emphasis on proactive strategies and fundamental practices offers a clear path forward for organizations navigating the complex landscape of cyber threats.

Closing Remarks:

Listeners interested in learning more about these topics, or wishing to collaborate with industry experts, are encouraged to engage with the "CyberBites" podcast community. The episode with Chris Denbigh-White is a resource not just for cybersecurity professionals but for anyone interested in understanding the ever-evolving digital threats in our world.


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