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Updated: Mar 11, 2024   |   Lauren Koppelman

Head of Customer Success Sheena Blanco talks data security with TFiR

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In this podcast episode, host Swapnil Bhartiya welcomes Sheena Blanco, Head of Customer Experience at Next DLP, to discuss her role and perspectives on data protection. Here's a rundown of the conversation.

Sheena's Background

Sheena started out studying languages before pivoting to computing during university. After working in sustaining engineering roles, she missed having customer interactions and spent 17 years at Oracle in various customer-facing positions. Most recently, she moved into the data loss prevention space with Digital Guardian before joining Next DLP.

Role of Customer Experience Lead

As Head of Customer Experience, Sheena focuses on the entire journey: pre-sale, post-sale, and product improvements. Her role aims to enhance communications, processes, and products across the company to deliver better customer experiences. A key part of her job is also building both internal and external advocacy.

Importance of Data Protection

Effective data protection defends a company's unique assets and intellectual property, while mitigating insider risk from employee turnover. Moreover, it maintains brand image by preventing high-profile data breaches that could damage reputation.

Role of Culture

There needs to be an educational culture that informs employees on data protection risks. Policies also need to be tailored to account for regional norms. What is acceptable in one country may not be in another.

Keeping the Customer First

Sheena advises that a personal touch and deeply understanding each customer's needs is key. Companies should avoid overly complex processes that make customers feel anonymous. The goal should be resolving issues quickly and directly.


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