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Why Organizations Choose the Reveal Platform by Next

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Investing in any security solution is a big decision for most companies. Solutions like insider risk management and DLP where the end user experiences the solution in action first hand, even more so. When going through the evaluation process organizations must ensure the solution can protect their sensitive information, of course. Other factors also come into play, particularly for organizations without large security teams where the impact of the wrong choice can be significant.

Next recently published several case studies that covered the challenges our customers faced, their critical success factors when evaluating different solutions, and the benefits of the Next Reveal platform. There are some common requirements that emerge:

Culture Fit

Organizations are much more aware of and sensitive to privacy concerns today. They understand that employees want to work for companies that respect their privacy. While most employees understand that their activity may be monitored, intrusive surveillance solutions that allow IT to single out employees are subject to bias and can result in distrust. It also results in another source of personally identifiable information (PII) that must be protected.

The case studies show that Next Reveal allowed these organizations to protect their sensitive data and employee privacy. Next uses data minimization and pseudonymization techniques to mask user identities and protect user privacy.

Remote Workforce

The companies participating in the case studies, like most organizations today, are dealing with a remote workforce and cloud applications. These home offices include personal devices, personal software, and poorly secured wireless networks. Legacy DLP solutions were designed for an environment where employees were protected by a corporate firewall and all applications ran on the device.

Next Reveal is designed for today’s work environment. It protects data across web applications, browsers, and messaging apps as well as traditional desktop applications. Its small footprint meant that users noticed no latency. As an IT leader at the pharmaceutical case study stated, “You helped us secure our most sensitive users, without impacting their workflow.”

Organizational Resources

Each of the companies in our case studies was very conscious of the overhead required in legacy DLP solutions. Those solutions rely on granular rules. Administrators must constantly create and maintain rules that dictate which users can take which actions with each class of data. When new classes of data or users are introduced, new rules are required or else there is zero visibility. The inevitable false positives interrupt work and frustrate users while false negatives represent a coverage gap.

Our customers had small but effective security teams but could not add resources simply to manage a DLP solution. “Ease of use” was important to each organization. Reveal’s policy-free deployment made life easier for the team. With machine learning on each endpoint, Reveal could quickly build a profile for each user and identify activities that could put data at risk. In the words of a manager from a credit union, “Reveal checked boxes we didn’t know we had and gave us one tool to manage. Incredibly Simple.”

Time to Value

Organizations deploy DLP solutions because they understand that their data is constantly at risk. They want to start protecting that data today – not months in the future. Our customers also expressed that requirement. With small teams, they could not afford to wait for months while a legacy DLP solution scanned devices to identify and classify all the data in the organization and then build policies and rules.

Our approach is different. Reveal classifies data on endpoints as data is created and used. It characterizes each user’s normal activity to build a baseline in days instead of months. Because it’s on the endpoint the baseline is immediately available as opposed to centralized solutions that can lag for days between updates. This allows Reveal to begin protecting sensitive information months faster and with greater accuracy than legacy DLP solutions.

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It is incredibly satisfying to have enthusiastic customers. You can read more about their experiences by reading the full case studies. If you want to see how Reveal can help with your information security success story, contact us today:




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