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Go Ahead, deploy Sonoma on your Macs; Next has Day 1 coverage

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Who hasn’t heard of SOS- Shiny Object Syndrome? It’s where something is new and therefore must be better, faster, etc. It drives consumer behavior and, in some cases, drives business technology decisions, too, but sometimes it can cause problems. Enter the latest version of MacOS, Sonoma, released September 26, 2023, and the list of new features many users will clamor for. The SW industry, information technology, and information security will generally advocate for upgrading to the latest version of SW for security, usability, and compatibility. As a user, I want new; as a security leader, I want to make sure it won’t cause more problems than it solves. Spoiler Alert - Next has you covered. The Reveal platform is ready to go with Sonoma on day 1.

What’s the Security Compatibility Catch?

A laptop is a remarkable feat of engineering with multiple pieces of SW all needing to work in harmony so you can use it to get your job done, but if a new OS, such as Sonoma, doesn’t play nicely with all the SW elements in use, problems can arise. Sometimes, it’s a basic feature that may hang or not work all the time; other times, the whole machine crashes. A third option, and one that when it happens silently, can create an information security risk. The new OS causes some of the inspection, reporting, or control elements of a piece of security software to break, and there is no outward sign. Organizations need a lifeline. 

Reveal Has You Covered on Day 1

Windows is still the most popular OS with ~60% of the desktop market, but it's not the only game in town; Mac grew over 40% from ~14% to over 20% between August 2022 to August 2023. Our development team collaborates with Apple (and Microsoft for Windows OSs as well as various Linux packages) to ensure your Reveal agent will be compatible with new OS releases, including Sonoma. Our customers can now deploy confidently and on a schedule they choose vs. waiting for a compatible version to be released from other SW vendors. 

This scenario is not just for OSs like Sonoma. Productivity apps like Outlook can also be a source of conflict and a topic we addressed recently. At Next, our team works hard so that you can upgrade on your timelines. If you’ve ever had to wait for your security vendor to patch an OS before you can upgrade, reach out to us, and we’ll show you a better option – Day 1 compatibility!

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