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Updated: Apr 1, 2024   |  

How to Improve Microsoft Purview Data Governance with Reveal

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Microsoft Purview, a renowned data governance service, has proven to be a sturdy platform to create an effective data security program. But today, we are stepping beyond the basic data protection capabilities with Reveal, a software that integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Purview to revolutionize data protection and visibility. It's time to take your data security to the next level.

Broadening the Horizons of Data Protection

Microsoft Purview provides a compliance-oriented data protection program across various platforms and interfaces, adept at handling fundamental Data Loss Prevention (DLP) use cases. However, businesses that need more extensive coverage will find Reveal's features to be a game-changer. Here's what Reveal brings to the table when integrated with Purview.

1. Extended Coverage to macOS and Linux

Recognizing that sensitive data isn't limited to just Windows systems, Reveal broadens Purview's coverage to include macOS and Linux. This extended coverage aligns with the diversity of today's enterprise environments.

2. Identifying Gaps and Refining Policies

Reveal's policy-free mode provides real-time visibility into all data and file activities, helping identify loopholes and improve existing policies and controls in Microsoft. Machine learning models on your endpoints can further refine or replace your current data security framework.

3. Universal Protection for All Apps and Data Types

Be it CAD files, source code, design files, or private key files, Reveal's real-time inspection capability provides immediate protection for all your sensitive data across any application.

4. A Unified View of Everything

Reveal facilitates a streamlined workflow by offering a single-pane view of all risky activities. This unified perspective minimizes the need for toggling between platforms, improving incident response times and threat identification.

5. Enhanced Browser Activity Controls

Reveal enables the flagging and correlation of websites visited and data shared during suspicious activity, providing invaluable context to Security Operations Center (SOC) analysts. It can even distinguish between corporate and personal accounts in cloud storage apps.

6. Comprehensive Health Reporting

From system status to the most recent policy applied to each agent, Reveal offers in-depth health reporting. It keeps track of last known connections and flags devices that have been offline for an extended period, ensuring you maintain full coverage.

7. Local Machine Learning for Enhanced Security

Reveal generates individual profiles of each endpoint's daily activity, reporting on deviations with greater accuracy. This feature facilitates automatic policy enforcement in response to risky behavior, whether the endpoint is connected to the network or not.

8. Contextual Data Inspection

Using contextual aspects of data in motion, Reveal provides an accurate view of data use, educates users, and enforces good data practices automatically. This automation frees up your security teams to focus on more pressing issues.

Stepping into a Secure Future

When integrated with Microsoft Purview, the Reveal platform by Next forms a formidable duo that addresses the complexities of modern data protection. It goes beyond just preventing data loss to fostering a culture of proactive, comprehensive, and intelligent data governance. Trust Reveal to bring you the next generation of data protection and visibility.

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